• 8 Week MBSR Course


    MBSR Course (Tuesday morning)

    • Date: Tuesday 27 Oct-  15 December 2015
    • Time: 09.30am-11.30am
    • Venue:Mindfulness Centre-Maryhill
    • Course Leader: Bhante Rewatha, Nelum    Course Fee: £200/£150 
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    MBSR Course ( Thursday Morning)

    • Date:  Thursday 29 October- 17 December
    • Time:  9.30am- 11.30am 
    • Venue:Mindfulness Centre- Maryhill
    • Course Leader: Bhante Rewatha, Nelum     Course Fee: £200/£150  
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    MBSR Course (Monday Evening)

    • Date: 26 October-14 December
    • Time: 7.00pm-9.00pm
    • Venue: Mindfulness Centre –Maryhill
    • Course Leader: Bhante Rewatha, Nelum  Course Fee: Free:£200/£150  
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    Advanced Mindfulness Course (Monday Evening)

    • Date: 2 November-23 November 
    • Time: 7.00pm-9.00pm
    • Venue: Mindfulness Centre –Maryhill
    • Course Leader: Bhante Rewatha, Alistair Kelly       Course Fee:£80     
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    Advanced Mindfulness Course (Monday Morning)

    • Date:  2 November-23 November
    • Time:  9.30am-11.30am
    • Venue: Mindfulness Centre –Maryhill
    • Tutors  Bhante Rewatha, Alistair Kelly   Course Fee:£80
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  • MBSR Course – Online – Complete awakening

    The 8-week MBSR course has been a complete awakening for me. I always thought I knew a little about meditation and mindfulness but I had totally underestimated mindfulness and its transformational power. I learnt about the importance of developing my own practice and I grew to value the investment in myself more and more as the weeks progressed.

    The MBSR has given me a range of strategies and tools for managing my stress levels and for taking care of my own mental health and wellbeing. Learning to be kind to myself and others and approach every moment from a place of kindness and non-judgment has given me a totally different lense through which to look at the world. I now approach things very differently in my everyday life.

  • MBSR Course & Advanced Mindfulness Course – Best Investments I’ve made

    The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course is one of the best investments I've made and has provided me tools for life. I like the balance between content and teaching style with lots of practice involved, which I haven't seen on other mindfulness courses which are mainly theory based. It's good to have small classes so we can have deeper discussions.

  • MBSR Course & Advanced Mindfulness Course – have learned a fabulous lifelong skills

    Mindfulness has helped support me through a testing period of rebalancing my mental health and well-being.  Along with regular counselling, a period of medication, and a renewed focus on my own physical health (simply eating well and exercising), I have learned what a fabulous life-long skill mindfulness is. 

    Now, I feel well, enjoy my work and my family and continue to practice at Glasgow mindfulness centre.
    Nelum has guided me through the MBSR course and through the Advanced Mindfulness course as well as several bespoke practise sessions.  She has taken time to get to know my personal journey and has taught me this fabulous skill of self-care in a patient and caring way.

  • MBSR Course & Advanced Mindfulness Course – many in-depth group discussions

    I was drawn to Mindfulness at the end of 2018 and went on to complete the 8 week MBSR course at the beginning of 2019.  I cannot speak highly enough of the course teacher, Nel, and her gentle, compassionate, professional and friendly approach to the teaching of the course.   We were a small group and this allowed us to develop a greater understanding of each other, in safe and relaxed surroundings.  I would strongly recommend attending the MBSR course under Nel’s leadership, to anyone who is interested in living a calmer, more joyous and ultimately less stressful life on a day-to-day basis.  This was just the start of my mindfulness journey!

  • MBSR Course & Advanced Mindfulness Course – Wealth of experience of Mindfulness

    I really enjoyed studying with Nelum at Glasgow Mindfulness Centre on the eight-week MBSR course and also the excellent Advanced Mindfulness classes. Nel is such a cheerful, encouraging and supportive person with a wealth of experience of Mindfulness and Buddhist practice. I am very grateful for her kindness, sharing these important and wonderful teachings, taking the extra time to answer all my questions and giving me practical advice. As a practitioner with experience of several forms of meditation, I heartily recommend Nel as a skilful and compassionate teacher.

    Blair Thomson,


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