• 8 Week MBSR Course


    MBSR Course (Tuesday morning)

    • Date: Tuesday 27 Oct-  15 December 2015
    • Time: 09.30am-11.30am
    • Venue:Mindfulness Centre-Maryhill
    • Course Leader: Bhante Rewatha, Nelum    Course Fee: £200/£150 
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    MBSR Course ( Thursday Morning)

    • Date:  Thursday 29 October- 17 December
    • Time:  9.30am- 11.30am 
    • Venue:Mindfulness Centre- Maryhill
    • Course Leader: Bhante Rewatha, Nelum     Course Fee: £200/£150  
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    MBSR Course (Monday Evening)

    • Date: 26 October-14 December
    • Time: 7.00pm-9.00pm
    • Venue: Mindfulness Centre –Maryhill
    • Course Leader: Bhante Rewatha, Nelum  Course Fee: Free:£200/£150  
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    Advanced Mindfulness Course (Monday Evening)

    • Date: 2 November-23 November 
    • Time: 7.00pm-9.00pm
    • Venue: Mindfulness Centre –Maryhill
    • Course Leader: Bhante Rewatha, Alistair Kelly       Course Fee:£80     
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    Advanced Mindfulness Course (Monday Morning)

    • Date:  2 November-23 November
    • Time:  9.30am-11.30am
    • Venue: Mindfulness Centre –Maryhill
    • Tutors  Bhante Rewatha, Alistair Kelly   Course Fee:£80
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  • Feedback MBSR Graduates June to September 2016

    What do you think you will do differently?

    • Establish more of a mindfulness practice daily – make part of my life.
    • More awareness of my own feelings.
    • Hopefully, gradually change my mental outlook on life.
    • Daily practice; Loving Kindness; Practice acceptance; *Accept the things that I cannot change.
    • Implement a daily practice.  Be more accepting when I feel down.  Challenge unhelpful thoughts.
    • Be more in the moment; plan the future less; accept the past better; make time for practice.
    • Daily life! Rush less, enjoy the moment more.  Don’t worry about planning.  Believe in myself.
    • Practising mindfulness daily.
    • I think I will do everything differently my mindset has forever changed.
    • Take time to step back and gain perspective.
    • Think more mindfully, know how to relax more.
    • Not so identified with thoughts, realising I have attachment issues.  The mindfulness has shown me that I can let go more.
    • Change my perspective; release unwanted thoughts; breathe more mindfully; meditate more; compassion and non-judgemental attitude towards myself and others; gratitude I trust the universe more.
    • I will be much more aware of my place within my day.
    • Think more; take a step back; don’t ruminate on negative thoughts.
    • I will dedicate time for practice every day now.  I will try to breathe more mindfully and try to practice loving kindness and generosity on a daily basis.
    • Be much more aware of time and the importance of making time in your day to be mindful.  I will introduce mindfulness into my daily routine using informal and formal practice.
  • The evaluations of  MBSR Graduates - January-April 20015
    1. This was a non-religious MBSR course taught by a Buddhist Monk, were people all right about being taught by a Monk?

            Yes  10/10


     Please elaborate:

    ·           More than alright, the gentle approach and depth of understanding enhanced the course.

    ·           I think Bhante has a lovely voice and calm manner and is an excellent teacher.

    ·           Absolute privilege, added a spiritual dimension but in a very inclusive and non-judgmental way.

    ·           Found it helpful to be taught mindfulness by someone with Bhante's level of knowledge and who practices it everyday.

    ·           Felt safe and comfortable with Bhante. Very warm and kind person.

    ·           Enhanced experience as learnt more about Buddhism as well as mindfulness (secular)

    ·           It was a wonderful experience

    ·           Bhante was a very good teacher.  There was no religious focus to the course.

    ·           I found it meant more because Bhante is a monk

    ·           No one mentioned it and it never crossed my mind

    ·           I think that the fact that Bhante is a monk adds to the experience

    ·           Very comfortable and relaxed. Bhante is fantastic! 

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