Mindfulness for Professionals

Mindfulness for Professionals

This four week course is for professionals (healthcare, education and Business) who would like to use mindfulness for their professional and personal life.

The course is a fusion of MBSR and MBCT. You will be able to learn and practice the core teachings of both mindfulness interventions.

Due to the increasing popularity in mindfulness, more health professionals and educators are trying to learn more about mindfulness and use it as part of their work.

In the business sector, more employers use mindfulness to promote well-being for their employees as it helps them to manage their stress.

Mindfulness for professionals will give you more understanding of what MBSR and MBCT is all about if you would like to obtain professional training in one of these courses in your work place.

As busy people don’t have 8 weeks to complete an MBSR course, this will give them a great opportunity to learn and practice mindfulness in their everyday life and use it as a stress management tool at work.  This course pays more attention to stress management and to mindful communication in your work and personal life.

We provide teaching sessions in schools, workplaces and invite small groups to practice mindfulness in the centre.

After completing the course, you will be given a 16 hours CPD certificate.

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