How to contact the Centre?

Please go to our webpage, or, call us on 074290088006 or 07883003754.

If you would like to transfer money online, then please contact us for bank details for payments via BAC.

Can I get an invoice as my employer is paying for the course?

Yes.  Please ask your employers for an email address to enable us to send an invoice before the course commences.

Can I get the CPD certificate?

Yes.  A CPD course certificate for 22 hours will be issued at the closing ceremony which is on the last day of the course. Participants must attend 22 hours of the course to receive the CPD certificate. 

What do I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothes. There are facilities at the Centre should you wish to change there.

What do I bring?

 Please bring:

  1. A pair of socks. We ask for shoes to be removed before entering the meditation room, and, a pair of socks to be worn in the meditation room.  Shoe shelves are provided at the entrance of the Centre. 
  2. A blanket. In the first two weeks of the course, you will be doing 30 minutes lying down body scan practices. 
  3. A pillow case. 

If you think you need a support for your head when you do the lying down practices, please bring a pillow case.  We provide pillows and cases but for your own comfort you may wish to bring your own pillow case. We also provide yoga mats but please feel free to bring your own.

What do I need to bring for the Retreat day?

Please bring all of the above.

Please bring a vegetarian dish/fruit/cake/soup to share with 8 people. The Centre offers Basmati Rice and Sri Lankan lentil curry for the Retreat day. 

Please read the Retreat page of our website for more information.


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