The evaluations of  MBSR Graduates - January-April 20015

  1. This was a non-religious MBSR course taught by a Buddhist Monk, were people all right about being taught by a Monk?

        Yes  10/10


 Please elaborate:

·            More than alright, the gentle approach and depth of understanding enhanced the course.

·            I think Bhante has a lovely voice and calm manner and is an excellent teacher.

·            Absolute privilege, added a spiritual dimension but in a very inclusive and non-judgmental way.

·            Found it helpful to be taught mindfulness by someone with Bhante's level of knowledge and who practices it everyday.

·            Felt safe and comfortable with Bhante. Very warm and kind person.

·            Enhanced experience as learnt more about Buddhism as well as mindfulness (secular)

·            It was a wonderful experience

·            Bhante was a very good teacher.  There was no religious focus to the course.

·            I found it meant more because Bhante is a monk

·            No one mentioned it and it never crossed my mind

·            I think that the fact that Bhante is a monk adds to the experience

·            Very comfortable and relaxed. Bhante is fantastic! 

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One Day Retreat Feedback - January to April 2015

31st January 2015

  • “Soothing.
    • I felt a calmness; centred and open.
    • I feel glad to have come here and met new people.
    • I feel inspired and content and hopeful.”
  • “Wonderful day which I was hoping that it would be.  Felt an immense sense of love for myself which I had lost.  Encouraged to continue with meditation.”
  • “I always look forward to the day retreats as it offers the chance to re-focus my practice.”
  • “Calm, thoughtful, stronger, centred, grounded, comfortable, peaceful, aware, settled, it will pass. I am aware of… I am present.”
  • “I feel more compassion towards others. Especially those I have been practicing patience with.  I wish them happiness. I experience disturbing intrusive thoughts when I meditate for longer than 10 minutes.  It helps to open my eyes.  I like to count my breath, walk and move.  Breathe, move, peace.”
  • “Accept how I am feeling at the moment.  Still, soft, centred.”
  • “Feelings: heavy and tired but more relaxed.  Strong desire to talk!  Slowed down and more aware. Being aware.”

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Holy Isle Retreat - 18th - 21st April 2014

Holy Isle Retreat - 18th - 21st April 2014

  • “Brilliant course. Brilliant teacher.  Brilliant location. Would loved to have stayed longer and learnt more.  Will definitely be back and visiting you in Maryhill. I feel inspired and focused.  Thank you.
  • “Although I have been practicing yoga, including, pranayamas every day for some time, from now on I know they will be enriched by doing this with mindfulness, to be like new practices…as long as I continue to use this wonderful collection/selection of ‘tools’ we have been provided with by you on this course.  I have also felt what I have experienced in the few days spread through all areas of my being.  For example, today I woke with an encouraging realisation…a sort of ‘eureka moment’.  It was: my fears seldom live up to my expectation of them. Thank you; this is another valuable ‘tool’ I will take away from this course – along with so much.  With gratitude, Rosemary.

Mindful Journey – Holy Isle Retreat - 10th – 13th 2016

Mindful Journey – Holy Isle Retreat 10th – 13th 2016

  • The island is truly awe inspiring, amazing energy and setting.  I loved all aspects of the course.  Bhante is an inspiring man, both in his teachings and stories.  I loved doing two days of noble silence.  I will definitely come back to ‘Nirvana’ very, very soon.  I met some truly empowering people with amazing stories. ­ - Graham Cullan
  • I would highly recommend coming to the Holy Isle and doing the course.  It is run by a welcoming, friendly group of people that make you feel at home. Bhante Rewatha teaches and gives time for questions and one-to-one attention if needed, after class.  His teachings are tools for life, for yourself and others.  If you need to find balance in your life, this is the course to do.  - Julie Wallace
  • This was my first time at the Holy Isle and the first course on a Mindful Journey.  The island is beautiful, peaceful, filled with experiences that heighten all of the senses.  The staff, residence and food were excellent, open and friendly.

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Feedback MBSR Graduates June to September 2016

What do you think you will do differently?

  • Establish more of a mindfulness practice daily – make part of my life.
  • More awareness of my own feelings.
  • Hopefully, gradually change my mental outlook on life.
  • Daily practice; Loving Kindness; Practice acceptance; *Accept the things that I cannot change.
  • Implement a daily practice.  Be more accepting when I feel down.  Challenge unhelpful thoughts.
  • Be more in the moment; plan the future less; accept the past better; make time for practice.
  • Daily life! Rush less, enjoy the moment more.  Don’t worry about planning.  Believe in myself.
  • Practising mindfulness daily.
  • I think I will do everything differently my mindset has forever changed.
  • Take time to step back and gain perspective.
  • Think more mindfully, know how to relax more.
  • Not so identified with thoughts, realising I have attachment issues.  The mindfulness has shown me that I can let go more.
  • Change my perspective; release unwanted thoughts; breathe more mindfully; meditate more; compassion and non-judgemental attitude towards myself and others; gratitude I trust the universe more.
  • I will be much more aware of my place within my day.
  • Think more; take a step back; don’t ruminate on negative thoughts.
  • I will dedicate time for practice every day now.  I will try to breathe more mindfully and try to practice loving kindness and generosity on a daily basis.
  • Be much more aware of time and the importance of making time in your day to be mindful.  I will introduce mindfulness into my daily routine using informal and formal practice.

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