1. This was a non-religious MBSR course taught by a Buddhist Monk, were people all right about being taught by a Monk?

        Yes  10/10


 Please elaborate:

·            More than alright, the gentle approach and depth of understanding enhanced the course.

·            I think Bhante has a lovely voice and calm manner and is an excellent teacher.

·            Absolute privilege, added a spiritual dimension but in a very inclusive and non-judgmental way.

·            Found it helpful to be taught mindfulness by someone with Bhante's level of knowledge and who practices it everyday.

·            Felt safe and comfortable with Bhante. Very warm and kind person.

·            Enhanced experience as learnt more about Buddhism as well as mindfulness (secular)

·            It was a wonderful experience

·            Bhante was a very good teacher.  There was no religious focus to the course.

·            I found it meant more because Bhante is a monk

·            No one mentioned it and it never crossed my mind

·            I think that the fact that Bhante is a monk adds to the experience

·            Very comfortable and relaxed. Bhante is fantastic! 


  1. What do you think you will do differently?

    • Build techniques into everyday.  Encourage others to think about Mindfulness
    • Keep practising and building into my daily life what we've tasted and tried - breathing, movement yoga, walking, body scan.  Spending more time with my mind and body in the same place!
    • Take time to try to appreciate the life in each moment and remember daily the loving kindness meditation.
    • I will practice my breathing meditation regularly and I also plan to attend mindful yoga session weekly.
    • Live differently, see differently, feel differently - regard others with more respect for others and less judgement.  Be less judgemental of my own flaws and be more accepting.
    • I will definitely incorporate this practice into daily life.
    • I will not be distracted so easily.  I'm more mindful of the moment.
    • Take time to relax.  Consciously trying to think well of other people and try to be more patient (including with myself).
    • Will try to be more aware of 'living on autopilot' and will use mindfulness techniques as a way of appreciating the moment and observing anxious thoughts/memories.
    • Continue to practice mindfulness.  Try to gain a deeper awareness of my own mind and how one practice can help me to be less stressed or handle stresses better.
    • Be more aware - out of automatic mode.  Use breathing as anchor.  Take 3 min breathing space between patients.  Using body scan as a way of overcoming stressful day
    • Be more aware.  Live in the here and now.  Be more mindful
    • Be more aware of my thoughts/feelings/body.  Respond more calmly in stressful situations.  Accept how things are/I am in the moment.
    • I believe I am more aware of my emotions and feeling as I hope that due to this I will be a more tolerant, calmer and happier person.
    • Live more in present. Be more mindful. Listen to people more. Be kinder.
    • I will face stressful situations straight-away rather than allowing them to escalate. I will also gain control of my life and not let myself just go with the motions.
    • Live more in the present and be a better person for myself and the people around me.
    • Take more time for myself. Dedicate more time to practice especially movement and walking.
    • I will focus on the present moment and listen and communicate mindfully more often.
  1. What benefits will there be for you making Mindfulness Practice part of your daily life?

    • General better wellbeing.  Stress reduction.  Sharing practice with partner.
    • Lots!! I'll be more alive.  More choice in how I react.  Savour the small moments.  Be where I am and know how I am. Thank you!
    • Calmness, reflection and feeling less overwhelmed.
    • Having some time to myself when I am not rushing and concentrating on lots of different things.  I think this will help me to stay calm and relaxed.
    • My life will be richer for being more aware of living it!
    • Increased calmness, ability to stand back from stressful situations without too hasty judgement.
    • I'm more calm, more aware of time passing naturally.
    • Relaxation and more positive frame of mind, less judgemental.  More at ease in the world and at home in my own skin.
    • Managing stress and anger
    • A time for a little peace and a chance for my brain to slow down and refresh itself.
    • More understanding of my self and my reactions (thoughts).  Giving myself that time to be compassionate to myself.
    • Less stressed. More understanding.  More patient.  More self aware.
    • It makes me calmer, better able to deal with stress and generally more accepting of who I am which in turn makes me more positive and hopeful.
    • I think I will have a happier and fuller life and people around me will hopefully benefit from this also.
    • To enjoy life more and be happy
    • Reducing stress, feeling in control.
    • Being more present, stop running on autopilot.
    • To become present and keep negative thoughts away.
    • Focus. Present. Calm
  1. Any other comment?

    • I have REALLY enjoyed this course.  I have learnt a huge amount about mindfulness and also about myself.  Bhante has been a fantastic teacher.  I have also really enjoyed getting to know the group.
    •  A group of 8 is fine, particularly when the money is going to help others.
    • Happy with 7 people in group.
    •  Nice to meet as many people (eight) as I have! (more experiences to hear).
    • I think 8 people was a fine number for a group and that we all worked well together.  It was easier to speak out in a smaller group.
    • I have really enjoyed my 8 week course with my fellow colleagues and Bhante has been a major part of that enjoyment.
    • Just want to say thanks to Bhante and the centre for all they have done
    • I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, the people in the group are wonderful and Bhante is very kind and caring.
  1. On a scale of 1 - 10, 1 being poor, 10 being excellent how would you rate the course overall?

    • 9
    • 10
    • 10
    • 10
    • 10
    • 10
    • 10
    • 9.5
    • 10
    • 10
    • 10
    • 10
    • 9
    • 10
    • 9
    • 10
    • 10
    • 9
    • 10
  1. What was good about the course?

    • Retreat
    • A gentle and gradual building week on week.  With things to practice in between and chance to discuss.
    • Structure of the teaching and group discussions and 5 hour retreat.
    • The people, Bhante, the structure, learning about mindfulness, learning to meditate, the silent retreat day, the food.
    • The learning, sharing the experiences with and of others.
    • The approach of the teacher, good course materials, empathy of other classmates!
    • The delivery
    • Bhante was superb.  Clearly lives his faith.  An assuring presence.
    • Bhante was fantastic at teaching mindfulness. 
    • Learning new techniques.  Meeting like minded people.  Gaining a new method of stress relief.
    • CD's!  People and Bhante.  The ease of the techniques and the structure of the practice.  The retreat - challenging but great!
    • Bhante was a superb teacher.  The environment (Vihara) was so inviting and peaceful.  I love the Buddha.  A wealth of knowledge was shared.  Plenty of time for reflection.
    • The group, the teacher, the atmosphere.  The course was easy to follow.  The CDs were good for home practice.
    • I understood all the theory and practice it made sense to my logical brain and that is why I believe I will be able to continue forward and maintain my practice.
    • Bhante. His teachings. Feeling more relaxed.
    • Everything
    • Having time to reflect
    • The practice, retreat and community.
    • Meeting new people. Focusing on breath and the tools to use when you need them i.e. 3 min breathing space.
  1. What was bad about the course?

    • That I had to miss a week!!!
    • Nothing -
    • Nothing
    • Willingness/reluctance of fellow group members to talk and share; was a very quiet group.
    • Nothing
    • Nothing
    • Nothing, genuinely.
    • Nothing
    • It had to come to an end.
    • Nothing
    • Nothing really.
    • Nothing. It ending.
    • Nothing
  1. What could be done differently?

    • Nothing I can think of.
    • Miss the yoga week!
    • Can't think of anything…
    • I would have loved the course to be longer as I enjoyed it so much.
    • Perhaps bring more loving kindness meditation earlier in the sessions.  I found this one useful.
    • Nothing
    • Follow up session with group.
    • Nothing
    • I think the retreat could be longer, it was great.
    • Would definitely like to meet up again with the group to reflect on practice.
  1. We plan to run this again, are there any things you think we should consider for future courses?

    • Perhaps try and include an additional retreat day.
    • Do exactly the same!
    • I like the incense, helps me to meditate.
    • I think the course is fine as it is.
    • No
    • Extending the classes with monthly or weekly refreshers.
    • The walking and yoga exercise is great.
    • Meet ups after the end of course.


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