31st January 2015

  • “Soothing.
    • I felt a calmness; centred and open.
    • I feel glad to have come here and met new people.
    • I feel inspired and content and hopeful.”
  • “Wonderful day which I was hoping that it would be.  Felt an immense sense of love for myself which I had lost.  Encouraged to continue with meditation.”
  • “I always look forward to the day retreats as it offers the chance to re-focus my practice.”
  • “Calm, thoughtful, stronger, centred, grounded, comfortable, peaceful, aware, settled, it will pass. I am aware of… I am present.”
  • “I feel more compassion towards others. Especially those I have been practicing patience with.  I wish them happiness. I experience disturbing intrusive thoughts when I meditate for longer than 10 minutes.  It helps to open my eyes.  I like to count my breath, walk and move.  Breathe, move, peace.”
  • “Accept how I am feeling at the moment.  Still, soft, centred.”
  • “Feelings: heavy and tired but more relaxed.  Strong desire to talk!  Slowed down and more aware. Being aware.”

28th February 2015

  • “I woke this morning with thoughts rolling around my head.  I came along in a hurry.  I was running late.  I didn’t know what to expect.  I enjoyed it so much; it was very relaxing and calming.  I especially liked the compassionate meditation and mountain meditation.  I’m leaving today feeling more calm and stronger than when I came.”
  • “I have had a lovely day today at the retreat event.  I enjoyed all of the meditations and feel very relaxed.  I would have no hesitation in coming again. The delightful lunch was an added bonus and reminded me that I had forgotten about mindful eating.”
  • “Very helpful in learning to manage stressful feelings through breathing and just being in the moment.  Will continue to practice techniques shown.  Thank you…”
  • “I have thoroughly enjoyed my day.  Mindfulness with the Body Scan and various meditations has made me feel really calm and relaxed, almost reluctant to join the ‘real world’ again, but the tools and techniques I have learned today have reinforced some practices and beliefs I already had and I know I can return to this when I am at home.  Thank you for today.”

 01st March 2015

  •  “Peaceful. Reflective.

Today was initially challenging but overall very peaceful.

Being a mother of a three year old, energetic, loving little girl can at times be exhausting.  Whilst difficult to give up a Sunday with my daughter, today allowed me the opportunity to invest in myself, to recharge, focus and become a more calm and understanding person – not only a mother.”

  •  “Rewarding. Centring.

Feel like I know myself better as a result of today.

Very enjoyable day – difficult at first to be silent/ avoid eye contact but this became easier as the day progressed.

Mindful eating taught me to appreciate the sensations of the food (which I had not tried before) fully and be more aware.”

26th April 2015

  • “It felt very natural – like coming home. Thank you”
  • “Surprising. Relaxed, focused.

I found myself surprisingly relaxed and focused at many points throughout the day.”

  • “Peaceful. Relaxing.

It has been a peaceful and relaxing experience!”

  • “Other worldly. Peaceful. Peaceful, other worldly and at time funny.”
  • “Calm. Relaxing. A calming, relaxing experience which I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in.”
  • “Insightful. Insightful battle. The experience was a battle but was very insightful.”



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