Mindful Journey – Holy Isle Retreat 10th – 13th 2016

  • The island is truly awe inspiring, amazing energy and setting.  I loved all aspects of the course.  Bhante is an inspiring man, both in his teachings and stories.  I loved doing two days of noble silence.  I will definitely come back to ‘Nirvana’ very, very soon.  I met some truly empowering people with amazing stories. ­ - Graham Cullan
  • I would highly recommend coming to the Holy Isle and doing the course.  It is run by a welcoming, friendly group of people that make you feel at home. Bhante Rewatha teaches and gives time for questions and one-to-one attention if needed, after class.  His teachings are tools for life, for yourself and others.  If you need to find balance in your life, this is the course to do.  - Julie Wallace
  • This was my first time at the Holy Isle and the first course on a Mindful Journey.  The island is beautiful, peaceful, filled with experiences that heighten all of the senses.  The staff, residence and food were excellent, open and friendly.
  • The course itself excited me but with some trepidation.  I found that it reached all my expectations and more!  I found it thought provoking, grounding and at the same time inspiring.  It was also incredibly sociable and fun with a real group bonding.  My only criticism is that it was not long enough.  Bhante was a wonderful teacher.
  • It made my heart sing.  - Tina McGraw
  • I felt that the teacher was amazing.  Truly, I had a rollercoaster journey through my mind this weekend.  I have begun a much deeper journey than I thought possible.  Bhante truly helped me to understand myself better.  There is a long way to go but now I feel like I appreciate the journey. - Jack Murray
  • As an atheist, cynic I came with expectations of learning some basic relaxation and meditation techniques but leave with so much more that will stay with me forever.  Nigel
  • It is extremely hard to think of ways that this course could be improved.  It has been all I hoped for and more.  From the island itself, to the residential facility, to the gardens and cultivated areas and to me passionate humans who have made it their home, however temporary, this has been an absorbing and immensely rewarding experience which I will carry with me in the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you. - Gez McLachlan
  • I noted at the start of the course that I was feeling excitement, anticipation and that I was optimistic so I had high expectations and they were more than fulfilled.  I learned a tremendous amount over the 4 days, and gained a much better understanding of mindfulness and compassion.
  • Bhante was a wonderful teacher – wise, enthusiastic, with a great personality and sense of humour.  Despite starting at 7am and finishing after 9pm we were constantly inspired and enthusiastic.  I would recommend this course to anyone that wants to start this wonderful journey.  I really enjoyed being part of a lovely group of people too. - David Early
  • I deeply appreciate that Bhante adjusted the sequence of the course so that those of us who were leaving on Sunday could have the full benefit of the mindfulness course.
  • Bhante’s extraordinary warmth and skill made this course well worth our journey from the U.S. to attend.  I also appreciated the wisdom of relying on evidence-based techniques (including the loving-kindness meditation)
  • Lovely, lovely, lovely!   - Catherine Henderson
  • I loved my time on Holy Isle at the meditation retreat.  Some of the highlights were walking amongst the animals (goats, sheep and horses).  The meals were homemade, delicious with fresh ingredients.   I enjoyed getting to know my fellow retreat participants and the generous, gentle leadership of our teacher.  Thank you for a lovely experience. Anonymous
  • It was a good experience to have time to focus on mindfulness in a lovely place with great people.  I have learnt new things which I will use in the future. Anonymous
  • The retreat has been a wonderful experience, an opportunity for time out and to deepen my practice.  It was a lovely group of people to have met on my journey.  I found some of the sitting practice difficult, however, the last sitting, before we left took me to a deeper level and the experiences throughout the weekend helped me to get to that place.  I very much enjoyed the yoga, the standing practice and being in nature.  An opportunity to incorporate yoga in nature would be great (dependent on the Scottish weather!).  I wasn’t certain about other students joining the established group for short periods of time.  The setting and food were both wonderful. The journey to arrive at the Holy Isle added to the escape from daily stress.  I’ll be back! Anonymous
  • I found the retreat to be really beautiful and powerful.  I really enjoyed Bhante’s gentle, humorous but deeply spiritual and kind, guidance and teaching.  The whole environment was relaxing from the centre to the natural beauty of the island.  I found it to be a very healing time.
  • There were several special moments for me – the final ceremony felt very intense – as though everyone was deep in their meditation, the stone removal of the heaviest stone of your life, the mountain meditation, the walking meditation outdoors and the yoga.
  • Thank you so much to all involved in making this retreat possible, with deep gratitude. Anonymous
  • The mindful journey course has exceeded all my expectations – I have gained so much more than relaxation techniques;  I have experienced genuine peace, a sense of belonging, boundless love, kindness and compassion and I now have the necessary tools to overcome future challenges.  From the bottom of my heart – thank you. Anonymous
  • Thank you very much for some beautiful hours here.  I was ready for more, when it was already over.
  • “Just when I was getting used to yesterday, along came today!”
  • Our teacher was such a kind and considerate, fun to be with human being that it opened my heart even more.  I am only just starting to take in some of the readings.  I found it a bit distracting that people were leaving so early and the group were unable to cohesively stay together but I do still have one or two more days to get a bigger picture.  Thank you again.  Anonymous
  • Excellent course very enlightening and it was everything I hoped it would be.  Bhante’s teaching and approach helped me greatly and I will certainly be back.   Anonymous


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