What do you think you will do differently?

  • Establish more of a mindfulness practice daily – make part of my life.
  • More awareness of my own feelings.
  • Hopefully, gradually change my mental outlook on life.
  • Daily practice; Loving Kindness; Practice acceptance; *Accept the things that I cannot change.
  • Implement a daily practice.  Be more accepting when I feel down.  Challenge unhelpful thoughts.
  • Be more in the moment; plan the future less; accept the past better; make time for practice.
  • Daily life! Rush less, enjoy the moment more.  Don’t worry about planning.  Believe in myself.
  • Practising mindfulness daily.
  • I think I will do everything differently my mindset has forever changed.
  • Take time to step back and gain perspective.
  • Think more mindfully, know how to relax more.
  • Not so identified with thoughts, realising I have attachment issues.  The mindfulness has shown me that I can let go more.
  • Change my perspective; release unwanted thoughts; breathe more mindfully; meditate more; compassion and non-judgemental attitude towards myself and others; gratitude I trust the universe more.
  • I will be much more aware of my place within my day.
  • Think more; take a step back; don’t ruminate on negative thoughts.
  • I will dedicate time for practice every day now.  I will try to breathe more mindfully and try to practice loving kindness and generosity on a daily basis.
  • Be much more aware of time and the importance of making time in your day to be mindful.  I will introduce mindfulness into my daily routine using informal and formal practice.


What do you think you may find challenging about adopting this new behaviour and how will you overcome that difficulty?


  • Working with anxiety when it arises.
  • Prioritising my own needs over the needs of others without the focus of the course
  • Time, discipline and commitment.
  • Discipline of daily practice – plan in what mindful activity I’ll do and when.  Remind myself how much benefit I feel (and to those around me).
  • When I feel good from implementing a practice, I tend to get a high and then I feel so good that I think I don’t need to do these things.  I fool myself into thinking that I feel very good naturally – without practice.  This is not true! I must be aware of this.
  • More relaxation, less stress.  More gratitude and appreciation for my life and the people around me.
  • Self-discipline; prioritising it; slipping into old habits.
  • Discipline of mindfulness practice - especially longer sessions.
  • Making time to practice.
  • I need to learn to be as kind and patient with myself as I am with others.  Being aware of self-critical thoughts brings me awareness of self-worth.
  • Finding the time but to achieve that I must have a routine.
  • Time, complacency – I will overcome with discipline and routine.
  • It’s really just what value I put on my mindfulness practice.  Dealing with it, more able to accept and not identify with a negative mindset.
  • Not trusting the universe.  I may feel stuck.
  • I think making the practice part of my life will be hard, but as long as do not beat myself up for not doing practice then through time I will achieve my goal and MBSR will be more prevalent in my life.
  • Being aware of the time and aware of managing my time.
  • Dedicating time every day to practice.  I will overcome this by setting small, achievable tasks initially (e.g. 3 min practice) and progressing from there.
  • ·     Making time will be a challenge and keeping up the practice.  Attending drop in sessions and setting time aside will help with this.


What benefits will there be for you making Mindfulness Practice part of your daily life?

  • Practising being and breathing, not doing, awareness of my moods and holding tension.
  • Acceptance of stressful situations, improved moods.
  • Hopefully better peace of mind and attitude to daily life.
  • Calmer, able to ‘be’; Less anxiety; Accepted current circumstances; Being able to choose how to respond; Feeling hopeful about the future again.
  • Meeting like-minded people and sharing in a safe environment.  Knowing that many people have the same insecurities.
  • I’d be calmer overall and appreciate my life more.
  • Peace (for myself and all those around me); confidence; feeling relaxed; enjoying life more; no anxiety (or recognising it early and dealing with it before it becomes a big problem).
  • Reduced stress, anxiety, more relaxed, calm and in control of my thoughts.
  • I have begun to enjoy my life again.  I no longer let life just pass me by.  I’m no longer ‘sleeping at the wheels’.
  • Decrease of stress; decrease of headaches; more kindness and acceptance.
  • More happiness in my life; be able to deal with stress and anxiety better.
  • More clear mindedness.
  • A new beginning.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  • Less stress, much more love in my life, much more time for me and less resentment directed at me by me.
  • Less Stressed; less destructive internal thoughts; more compassion towards others.
  • Increased self-awareness; noticing things that I usually don’t; less of a racing mind; less distracted; less stress.
  • Feel much less stress and much more reflective – much more aware of time.

On a scale of 1--- 10  1 being poor  10 being excellent how would you rate the course overall?

8; 10; 8; 10; 10; 10; 8; 10; 10; 10; 10; 10; 10; 10; 10; 10;

What was good about the course?

  • Small group, clear instructions – the booklet had all the points needed.  It was easier than using a book.
  • I really benefited from discussions with others.
  • Two hours dedicated to new experience and meeting new people.
  • It felt relaxed, it felt very non-judgemental.  I liked the small group number.  Emma was great, really helpful
  • Meeting like-minded people and sharing in a safe environment.  Knowing that many people have the same insecurities.
  • Calm, relaxed, open atmosphere.  Small group in a peaceful setting, taught by a monk.
  • Excellent teacher; excellent sense of community; a lot of support from other students.
  • I really liked the location and small group.  I don’t feel the course would be the same for me if it was in a large hall with lots of people.
  • Confidence building, preparation for retreat, retreat day, relaxing, educational, literature (booklet) summary.
  • Having time and space to learn mindfulness techniques and practising them.
  • The easy transition from week to week.  I felt that the day retreat helped my mental stability a lot – almost saved my life.  Keep doing what you’re doing.  You’ll never know how much you’ve made a difference.
  • Joint experiences – discussion; Bhante’s teaching style; time to learn
  • I really feel like I have found something that has helped me deal with my stress.  I feel more empowered as a result.  Bhante was a very good teacher.  The teachings and practices were very beneficial.
  • Bhante’s personal experience; the ease of simplicity of the practice; the practice itself.
  • Thank you for giving me the space to breathe and expand.
  • Wednesday became a night for me.  There weren’t enough Wednesdays!
  • Being taught by someone who understands mindfulness.
  • Good location; good teaching by Bhante; very good opportunities for both formal and informal practice.
  • ·    The practical sessions and meeting with other people who want to learn mindfulness.


July 2016 Retreat Day Feedback

 My Word

  • ·     Peace; Being; Calm; Inner Peace; Peaceful; Relieved; Softening; Awareness; Restful; Compassion; Sharing; Free; Insightful; Relief

My Thoughts

  • Cultivate more awareness towards my life and all beings.
  • I have a lot of time.
  • I feel that I can bring peacefulness to my everyday life.
  • Found true happiness in the present moment.
  • I feel I can bring peacefulness to my everyday life.
  • Any negative thoughts I previously had had disappeared momentarily. It was very easy for my mind to wander but I reminded myself to be mindful and return back to the present moment, as well as focus on things I give bare minimum attention to, such as breathing and listening to my surroundings.
  •  Radiating loving kindness to myself and all around me.
  • I felt my harder shell soften as I connected to the people around me, creating compassion.  I enjoy noble silence I feel like I connect with the people around me on a much deeper level.  I feel more compassionate towards them and like I know their true nature more than if I was simply chatting for a few hours.
  • Great practice.
  • Programme was well structured I did not feel the time passing.  I especially enjoyed the outdoor meditations and the mountain meditation.  Thank you.
  • I really enjoyed the walking meditation and the eating mindfully.  This is something I don’t think I do enough of.
  • I really liked the walking meditation and the eating mindfully – this is something I don’t think I do enough of.
  • I would like to have this practice more often – maybe shorter times for home practice.
  • A way to spread this practice of loving kindness to our friends and family in a practical way.
  • My thoughts of this practice was calming and exploring nature and its sounds.  Walking made me think about good times that happened to me.  It wasn’t that challenging to stay silent.  Staying in the present moment will really help me to concentrate and be happier.
  • My experience was the bringing together of all the lessons on mindfulness.
  • I was channeling thoughts to encourage relaxation.
  • I enjoyed it.  It passed by quickly and wasn’t as difficult as I imagined.  I loved the nature mindfulness.
  • Be mindful of everything and all creatures.
  • I experienced heightened awareness of my surroundings and connections.
  • It was liberating not having to think about what I was going to say next.
  • It was challenging but rewarding.
  • I had the freedom to be silent and relaxed with no expectations.  To spend time in a safe, protected and welcoming place was wonderful.  I found the mountain meditation very inspirational.  I enjoyed the practice of mindful eating and the food was delicious.
  • I haven’t completed a 6 week course however I felt welcomed and relaxed.  The guidance given throughout the exercises felt just right for me.
  • Thank you for a wonderful day.
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