Mindfulness Day Retreat

Date : 2022-07-16
Time : 10 am to 3:30 pm

The retreat is for people who have completed the 8 week MBSR course, have attended a workshop or already have some mindfulness experience. New participants are also welcome.

A retreat is an opportunity to reduce our distractions and focus on deepening our experience of a particular practice. You will be guided through the four foundations of mindfulness in a silent and supportive environment and have the opportunity to really experience the peacefulness that mindfulness can bring.

Please wear loose clothes so that you will be comfortable to sit, lie down and perform simple yoga and qi-gong exercises. Please be ready by 09.45AM as the retreat will begin at 10 am.

We encourage you to observe silence through out the day and the retreat will finish around 3 pm. Then you will be able to speak about your experience of the day and ask questions if you wish.

Please make sure to have your meditation cushion / chair, Yoga mats, blankets and a water bottle ready by your side.

Cost – £ 40