Masterclass and Practice group

The aim of this Master class and practice group is to provide support for people who have completed the 8 week MBSR /MBCT courses to maintain their practice. We try to organise this two-hour session on the first Friday of each month. There will be a theme, we are mastering on each month. Some of the well received topics are;

-> Mindfulness of Body

-> The four Foundations of Mindfulness

 -> Mindfulness of Breathing

 -> Loving-Kindness and Compassion practice

 -> Mindfulness at Workplace

The first hour of the session is dedicated to sitting practice/ Body Scan practice/ mindful movement and longer sitting practice. The last 45 minutes is focused on the mastering a theme, discussion and the loving kindness meditation.

Classes Schedule
Class DayClass DateClass Time
Friday05/08/20227 pm to 9 pm