8 Week MBCT Course

The 8 week MBCT Course (Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy)

What is MBCT?

The 8 week MBCT course integrates Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This was developed to help people suffering from depression and again has a strong scientific evidence base and is recognised by NICE in the treatment of depression.

MBCT is about increasing awareness of physical sensations, thoughts and feelings as mental events. There are similarities to the content of the MBSR course however; the aim for those attending has a focus on:

  • People being more familiar with the workings of their mind
  • Identifying time and situations when there is a risk of getting caught in old habits of mind that can lead to low mood and depression.
  • To explore ways of being released old habits and, considering a new way of being in the world and with others.
  • To become aware of the pleasure and beauty in the world as opposed to focusing on negative internal thought patterns.
  • To be kind to yourself and appreciate the moment and not waste energy wishing things were different.
  • To have a balance and not be driven to achieve impossible goals.
  • To have a kinder inner voice and have a sense of peace and to stop the internal battle with yourself.
  • To accept yourself and others as they are and be less judgmental of you and them.
  • To learn forgiveness is a door which can set you free.

MBCT has more focus on particular areas where a person maybe vulnerable or suffer a specific condition e.g. depression. MBCT is more looking at the psychological and cognitive aspects of experiences participants may have.

Within a MBCT course there can also be information shared on conditions which participants experience e.g. depression so that people have a greater awareness and insight into the condition and through the use of MBCT are more able to recognise relapse points and so better self-manage their condition.

The course is taught over eight 2 hour sessions at weekly intervals including an additional all day session.

The course is taught in a group ranging from 4-8 people.

As well as being taught Mindfulness practices you have the opportunity to discuss these and your experience of practice with the group.

In addition to attending the course participants should be aware that home practice is also an important part of the course, and time should be set aside each day to practice Mindfulness. This can be integrated into daily routines quite simply.

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