MBSR course – it’s the best thing I did for myself

I became aware of mindfulness after seeing the transformation of a very dear friend who was suffering from depression, loss of a loved one and has fibromyalgia.

I thought I knew a bit about meditation but this course has taken it to a different level

I myself have been very emotional, stressing and anxious recently and decided to take the same course with Nell.

I can honestly say it’s the best thing I did for myself. It has helped me to open up and peel back the layers which hasn’t been easy!  I have the tool box to help me cope when I feel anxious and emotional.

I liked how we did the practice in class and then discussion. The 2-hour class flew by. It’s been calming, insightful, with personal sharing as well as teaching. We also did the silent retreat. The thought of not speaking for a whole day was rather daunting, however with Nell’s guidance it was a beautiful and emotional experience for me and one I shall never forget.

I feel very fortunate to have Nell as my teacher. She has patience, very warm, compassionate, reaffirming, reassuring and comforting with a very soothing voice, explains things well and could not emphasise enough that we need to practise, the more we practiced the better understanding we have of mindfulness. At the end of every session always told us if we needed any help or had any problems, we could always contact her by phone, txt or e mail going above and beyond.  I am thankful to Nel for her warmth, patience, kindfulness and thoughtfulness.

Margaret McKelvie