MBSR Course – Online – Complete awakening

The 8-week MBSR course has been a complete awakening for me. I always thought I knew a little about meditation and mindfulness but I had totally underestimated mindfulness and its transformational power. I learnt about the importance of developing my own practice and I grew to value the investment in myself more and more as the weeks progressed.

The MBSR has given me a range of strategies and tools for managing my stress levels and for taking care of my own mental health and wellbeing. Learning to be kind to myself and others and approach every moment from a place of kindness and non-judgment has given me a totally different lense through which to look at the world. I now approach things very differently in my everyday life.

Nel was a wonderful facilitator. Always at the end of the phone or an email if I had any questions or needed to chat things through. Even at the end of the course I feel that I will always have Nel there to guide and support me if I need her.

Thank you so much for that support and guidance Nel. You are a living, breathing example of the power of mindfulness and are a true gift to this world. Now that the course has finished, I really miss the sessions but have received some invitations since to participate in masterclasses. This has been lovely and really encouraging. I think it shows just how truly supported you feel by the team at the Glasgow mindfulness centre and demonstrates their commitment to helping others continue their mindful journey even after the course has finished. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Thank you!!

What was good about the course

It was varied! I loved that it incorporated many different techniques. Nel was also a wonderful facilitator. She is a real shining beacon of the power of mindfulness. She is so calm and reassuring. Always encouraging us to be brave and embrace our practise fully. She obviously cares deeply about her clients and knows that the more they embrace mindfulness the more they will benefit from it. Her passion was infectious. I really miss our weekly input from Nel. Just being with her, even online, was like a tonic!

Kelly Northey – Primary school teacher

Northern Ireland