MBSR Course – you will see life through clearer eyes, your mind will be lighter and your heart will be filled with love and care

I began my mindfulness journey two years ago in September 2018, I joined the 8-week course on MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) at the Glasgow Mindfulness Centre. I felt blessed to start the course as I was going through a difficult time in my life with grieving the loss of my Mum. My wellbeing and mental health were weakened by stress and anxiety from bereavement I felt unable to cope with life. I was also suffering with a chronic condition called fibromyalgia that was intensified by my emotional distress. I could not go to work or do simple daily tasks around the house and I was beginning to feel depressed.

The MBSR course changed my life in so many ways as I learned to use different mindfulness techniques to handle my stress and anxiety. Coped better with my pain and low moods, I also learned to let things go and stop holding on to my feelings inside. I experienced small changes every week that made a massive difference to my daily routine. I learned to take the time for myself to practice mindfulness meditation and body scan by simply concentrating on my breath and being in the present moment which made me feel instantly calm. I learning to be kinder and compassionate to myself, forgive myself and love myself. Thanks to mindfulness meditation practice every day my stress levels lessened, and anxiety gradually faded, and my health and wellbeing became better. I began to understand what mindfulness meant as I learned to breathe and accept things as they were without making changes to my thoughts and emotions. Suffering and pain began to fade enabling me to return to work and social gatherings without feeling overwhelmed or overthinking every moment of my life. MBSR course was invaluable to me as it taught me amazing skills and tools to help me with every situation in life.

Our Mindfulness teacher Nelum was open, encouraging and engaging every moment of the course. Her loving positivity and thoughtful nature made the lessons insightful and interesting. The classes were 2 hours long, they were focused, warm and loving lessons that were peaceful and calming. We were given homework every week to practice and Nelum made sure we did it with care and encouragement. Including mindful meditation with focus on the breathing techniques, mindful movement and eating, walking, talking and reflective weekly discussion and so much more.  Nelum was knowledgeable, giving and generous with her time at every weekly class, she taught us to practice mindfulness with kindness and compassion to ourselves and others that share our lives.

After the 8 week course I continued to practice with Nelum and other mindfulness students on a Friday night at a monthly class which is fantastic as we continued to meet-up with friends from previous courses. We also meet on full-day Silent Retreat Days that are packed with new and old students that come together with the same energy and love to share a fabulous full day of mindfulness, practicing mindfulness skills and techniques together which is absolutely amazing in every way.

I cannot recommend this course more than I have with everything said above. Please believe me when I say to you if you decide to undertake something so amazing as mindfulness you will see life through clearer eyes, your mind will be lighter and your heart will be filled with love and care for yourself and kindness and compassion for others.

Advanced Mindfulness Course

I started the 4-week Advanced Mindfulness Course after I completed the MBSR at the Glasgow Mindfulness Centre in 2018. My skills and knowledge were enhanced with a deeper understanding of Mindfulness meditation practice and the Ancient Buddhist concepts that mindfulness is based on. The course also included the longer sitting meditation practice up to an hour, more in-depth conversations on the foundations and principles of Mindfulness including Body Scan and loving kindness and compassion practice which is so moving and emotional. I gained a greater understanding of the Eightfold Path and the Noble Truths of Mindfulness. The course helped me to suffer less in my life by helping me see the truth about many things in my life. I was able to discuss mindfulness in depth with Nelum and the other advanced students in smaller intimate classes. The course was so rewarding for me and advanced me to another level of mindfulness deepening my experiences and truths about my life. I have become a better person for the course as a care and love myself more and find time to be a kinder and compassionate human being to myself and others. Thanks for everything Nel, you are so wonderful.

Isobel Gill